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Bunch of games I've made

Here's a list of downloadable games I've made. So far there's only three games I've released, but I've made many prototypes and demos too. They're all free or pay-what-you-want (free, if you decide to pay 0).

The games are listed newest first. Click either the links or images to download/play.

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Ironscale is a fast paced FPS, where you play as a cyborg anthro-lizardguy. Following more old-school FPS roots, the game is all about bunnyhopping, walljumping and shooting bad guys.

The demo for the game is out, click the image to check Ironscale's homepage and find the download link there!

Endless Arena

Endless Arena is a very simple FPS, all you gotta do is to survive as long as possible and rack up a lot of kills. You have three weapons: rifle, shotgun and rocket launcher. There is ammo and health scattered all over the map. You can bunnyhop and do walljumping to help you dodge the enemies.

I made in ~36h or so for Alakajam Gamejam. My game finished in solo division 9th out of 29, so I'm pretty happy about it.

Crypt of Darne

One of my favorites, Crypt of Darne is a simple dungeon-delving game that should work on pretty much any Windows PC. You create a character and you're tasked to find a gem inside of a crypt.. Who knows what'll happen when you find it?

I originally made this game for a gamejam aswell, but kept on building it afterwards. It came out rather well and I've been told it's addictive. The game is free, however I don't mind donations. :) Darne also comes with couple PDF's, containing some backstory and a book about the playable races.

Note: Due to me being a dummy, the game doesn't fit that well on screens with resolution 1366x768 or below. However, it's still playable, you just may miss some text. Also a protip: press H for help ingame.

Raptor Runner

Raptor Runner is an endless runner -game where you have to avoid obstacles and flying "sharktorpedos." I don't really know what to call them. You play as a raptor wielded with a laser pistol, which you can use to shoot the sharktorpedos.

I made this game just for fun. It was my first "proper" game that I released. It can be played in browser (However, for some reason, Firefox seems to have problems with it!), or even mobile because of the mobile controls. You can also download the game on your PC if you wish, but there's no real difference between the downloadable and web-version.

That's all for now! I hope someone enjoys my games. I know they're not much, but if I can make someone smile with them, I've done my job! :)