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About me

I'm 25 year old guy from the land of Finland.

I really, REALLY like videogames, especially PC games. So much so that I decided to start making them on my own! I also enjoy programming in general, and I love computers. I like to program mostly in C#, however I do some JavaScript/PHP/Python things too. I mostly use C# because of Unity.

You can find games I've made from "My Games" section.

I also have a pet leopard gecko called Nebraska :3 I love reptiles!

Ramble about websites

I miss these 90s/early 2000s type of websites. No useless JS bloat, no million frameworks, just the stuff you need. And of course tons of useless gifs. Because who doesn't like those?
Anyway, it's awesome to see that there's something like Neocities, where people gather around making silly sites like this. It reminds me of simpler times. Of course, modern web techniques can be super awesome too: I've studied webdev at university and things can get super intricate and interesting, depending of what kind of page you're doing. Would be neat if Neocities supported a tiny SQL database to users. I wouldn't even mind paying for that. Could use that to make my own guestbook, instead of relying on 3rd-party ones.

Games I like

Some games I like in no particular order:

(Yes the EVE link is a referral, you get 200k extra skillpoints if you click join through it)

I do like more games than just those few, but they are the ones that popped in my mind.. :D

More to come here later, if I can come up with anything.. :'D

Contact me

You can contact me on Twitter if you wish, or join my Discord server which is mostly dedicated to my games. The server is a bit quiet but I hope more people join over time.. :)